Event Crystal Barrel FAQ

What are Crystals?

Just like in the Main Game, Event Crystals are an alternate currency only these ones are Red! 


How do I earn more Crystals in the Event?

Similar to in the Main Game, you can earn more Event Crystals by hitting the 'Sell Cards' button at the top right of your Scheme or Character Screens! 


Once you are on the Sell Screen, simply select which Event Cards you'd like to sell and how many by clicking the '+' button. The bottom of the Screen shows how many Event Cards you're selling and how many Event Crystals you will receive!



Hint: Upgrade Event Princess Dee to gain more Crystal Power in the event, which increases the amount of Crystal earned by Selling Cards!

Where do I see my Crystals?
If you want to see your Event Crystal total then open the Store Screen and scroll down to the bottom. You'll see your total number of Event Crystals on the Event Crystal Barrel in the bottom right.



You can also see your total number of Event Crystals in the top-right of the "Sell Cards" screen.


What do I spend Event Crystals on?

Just like in the Main Game, Event Crystals can be used to buy Event Crystal Barrels from the Store. Event Crystal Barrels provide Cash and Cards! Their cost starts low, and increases after every purchase, but their price resets after 2 hours.



In the event, however, Event Crystal Barrels can be used to Upgrade 2 Characters: Event Dancer Dee and Event Drunk Dee. Make sure you're paying attention to which currency a Character needs, and strategize accordingly!



Will my Crystals transfer to the Main Game after the event ends?

No, just like the special Event Currencies, Event Crystals will not transfer to the Main Game when the Event ends.

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