I'm not getting any video ads!

For ads to be available you need a strong internet connection. Also VPNs or firewalls (i.e. from a work location) can prevent the connection to our ad providers.

A few things to try:

  • Turn on Airplane mode and then turn it off to reset your connection
  • If you are trying to watch an ad immediately after you open the game, try waiting a couple of minutes - it can take time to connect to our ad provider's servers
  • Log out and then back into your Google account or Game Center account
  • Ensure you have enough free space on your device - ads require downloading videos which can be large in size
    • ANDROID: Clear the cache for the game by going to your device Settings -> Apps -> Always Sunny -> Storage
    • iOS: Reinstall the app, as you will only download the currently used assets. This won't lose your game
  • ANDROID: Try moving the app from your SD card to internal device memory, or vice versa -- it should be in the storage location with the most free space
  • Try using a data connection and not Wi-Fi
  • Try a different Wi-Fi network
  • Lastly, hard reboot your device (fully power off and then back on again)

As a last resort, you can reset your Ad ID.

NOTE: Resetting your Ad ID multiple times runs the risk of the ad provider blocking you. Please only try this once or twice.

Reset Ad ID - Android device:

  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Under Personal, tap 'Google services'
  • Under Services, tap 'Ads'
  • Tap 'Reset Advertising ID'
  • Tap 'OK'

Reset Ad ID - iOS device:

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Advertising
  • Tap 'Reset Advertising Identifier'


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