Test Event - March 28th, 2019

'Sup Jabronis!

We have a new feature in the works, and it's events! These will be special, limited time challenges that take place in a separate, but similar, part of your game. You'll have a chance to win prizes that will help you do good in the main game, so you feel like you're doing good in real life!

On March 28th, 2019 we are going live with a technical test for events that you will be able to participate in, so give it a ocular pat down to see what they will be like and get some rewards to help your main game! 

A few notes for those of you participating in this test event: 

  • Events will normally last for 96 hours (4 days), but this test event will only last for 24 hours. The difficulty/balance is meant for a 4 day time frame, so it will feel significantly more difficult than if you had the 4 days to complete it. 
  • We are testing for stability in a live environment, and that means you get to put the stress on our system! Just like Mac intimidating people coming into Paddy's Pub so they don't cause any problems. 
  • Even though this is a test event, you'll get to keep the rewards you get from it! So do what you can because all those goodies will be credited to the main game when the event is over!

If you encounter any major bugs or issues, don't hesitate to report them to us by submitting a ticket to our support team. 


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