Event - The Gang Escapes - Aug 16th, 2019 to Aug 20th, 2019


  • Start: Aug 16, 2019 10:00 am PT
  • End: Aug 20, 2019 12:00 pm PT


"The Gang Escapes"

Dee signs The Gang up for an escape room experience at Mac and Dennis's apartment. She has no idea what she's gotten them into. 

Main Rewards

  • Drunk Waitress (x2 Wine In A Can profits) - Unlocked at Milestone 10
  • Preacher Charlie (+150 Beer Power & x3 Exploiting Miracles profits) - Unlocked at Milestone 7


  • Get the last scheme opened as soon as possible and upgrade it as much as possible.

Tuning Notes

  • Increased the Gum from watching Ads to 25.
  • Tuned some of the Milestone requirements to be slightly easier.
  • Increased the cost of buying cards from the store:
    • Common cards by 2
    • Rare cards by 4
    • Epic cards by 8
  • Increased the chance of seeing Rare and Epic cards in the store.
  • Better chance of getting Drunk Waitress and Preacher Charlie from the Silver Crate.
  • Double the Gum received from customer breakpoints.
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