Re-ordering Schemes

We’ve got a big announcement! We are shaking things up in Episodes 004-018!

We changed the order of how Schemes are stacked in an Episode so there is a more consistent and clearer hierarchy of which Scheme has a higher base payout.

Previously, an Episode dictated the order of the Scheme layout. With this new update, the Schemes will have an ascending order according to their base profit value for all Episodes. Schemes with the lowest base profit value will be at the bottom of the screen while Schemes with the highest base profit value will be at the top of the screen.

This change will help players decide which Schemes to prioritize for upgrading.

Here are the Schemes from the lowest to highest base payout:

  • Fight Milk
  • An Erotic Life
  • Anything Goes
  • Wine In A Can
  • Bodywork
  • Deal Stuff
  • Gas Crisis
  • Exploit Miracles
  • EDM
  • Dick Towels
  • Kitten Mittens
  • Paddy’s Pub

This will affect the first playthrough and all subsequent replays of these Episodes.

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