Client Update 1.2.7 - Nov 11, 2019

New Content and Features

Device Linking 

  • Players can now sign into Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
  • Players can now transfer their game across devices when it is the same OS platform
    • Example: I have an Android phone with the game. I log into Google Play for this game. I make the choice to upgrade my phone. I can download the game again, link it to my Google Play account, and successfully migrate my game state from my old device to my new device. 
  • If players are transferring from a different OS (Android to iOS or ioS to Android), they will still need to contact Support ( to relink their account

Card Sorting and Filtering

  • Players can enjoy a new layout that makes it possible for them to better filter their cards
  • This feature will help players better understand the value of cards for events, helping them make better, more strategic choices
  • The updated layout also gives more relevant information on the screen, such as total cash per second, and makes it easier to filter available cards 
    • Players can now see all Cards that are in the game including ones that haven’t been unlocked yet too

Bug Fixes


  • Ads will play more consistently for players, resulting in fewer missed opportunities for ad rewards 
  • Default ad rewards are still in place 

iPhone 11

  • The game now correctly scales for iPhone 11 users and no longer blocks off the top portion of the UI

Other minor bug fixes to improve the game experience

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