Rewarded Leaderboards

Here’s the scoop on one of the game’s hot, new features: rewarded player leaderboards! Different from Friends leaderboards, which are just for bragging rights, you’ll compete against players around the world to earn some Golden God-worthy leaderboard prizes.


Where are the rewarded leaderboard rankings?
You’ll find them only during the limited-time events and mini-events, not the main game. These leaderboard rewards do not replace your milestone rewards in the event, but complement them.

How do rewarded leaderboard rankings work?

There are five leaderboard Tiers: Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Within each Tier are multiple Divisions, where the lower the number the better the Division. Your final position on the leaderboard determines your Division for the next event’s leaderboard. For instance, if you move up one Division from Silver I, your next event leaderboard will be Gold V.

There are no Divisions in the Rookie Tier and the number of players in each leaderboard varies by Division.

This rewarded leaderboard is different from your Friends leaderboard which is NOT rewarded except bragging rights.

When are rankings calculated?
The rankings on each leaderboard are updated every 5 minutes.

New Division rankings are calculated at the end of each event, based on the amount of event cash you earn. The higher ranking you finish on the leaderboard, the greater your chances of moving up at least one Division. This means that during an event, your Division does not change.

What are the leaderboard prizes?

Each Tier (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Rookie) will have its own distinct leaderboard rewards. Plus, you can expect juicier rewards for higher Divisions for each Tier as well!

Do I have to log-in to Facebook to access the rewarded leaderboards?

Nope! Those are two separate features so you don't have to log-in to Facebook to enjoy this extra competition.



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