Main Event - The Gang Misses the Boat - Sept 11, 2019 to Sept 15, 2019


  • Start: June 12, 2020 at 12-Noon PT
  • End: June 16, 2020 at 10am PT


  •  The Gang Misses the Boat

“What happens to The Gang when they get fed up and go their separate ways? Find out in the all-new event, ""The Gang Misses the Boat!"" After Dennis drives into the river and causes The Gang to miss their chance at a boat party, the Paddy's crew decides to each do their own thing. But will it last? Well, knowing them, probably not. But that won't stop Mac from attempting to find his true self, Charlie and Dee from dabbling in slam poetry, and Dennis from trying to sell his water-logged car. Make sure to play the all-new event, ""The Gang Misses the Boat!"


  • Captain Barnacle Dee: Crystal Power +150, Gas Crisis Profit x3
  • Rarity: Epic (Special Reward)

Leaderboard Reward

  • Hazmat Mac: x3 to ALL profits and x3 Dick Towels profits
  • Rarity: Epic (Special Reward)
  • Available for divisions above Rookie tier


  •  Save 100 Fight Milk Mac cards for the ”Fight Milk!” scheme
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