How do Scheme Pairs in Medium Events work?

During Medium Events, schemes are grouped up in pairs! Upgrading one scheme also benefits the other scheme in the pair!

As an example, here both Paddy's Pub and D*ck Towels each at level 1.



Both of these schemes are paired together. When D*ck Towels is upgraded, not only will there be a x5 multiplier for D*ck Towels, but Paddy's Pub will increase as well.



Even though only D*ck Towels was upgraded, the earnings from Paddy's Pub tripled from $70.40 ad per second to $211.20 ad per second. 

One thing to be aware of when upgrading: the animation only shows for the one. If you watch your cash totals carefully, you'll see the paired scheme increase too!

Checking the store is a useful reminder on which schemes might be paired. 


Note: Only schemes are paired, not characters. 

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