The game is showing a Server Interrupted (6) Error Message and loading to 12%

Issue Description:

  • When trying to load the game, some players are experiencing a pop-up saying Server Interrupted (6). This happens while the game is loaded to 12%. 


  • Reloading the game, uninstalling and reinstalling, etc., will not help clear the message


  • Players will need to contact our Support Team to get this error manually cleared by clicking either the yellow 'Submit a request' button at the top of this webpage, or the yellow 'Submit a ticket' at the bottom of this webpage.
  • The Device ID is required to clear this error message, so be sure to include that while contacting Support. To obtain your Device ID:
    • While the game is loading, tap the loading bar a few times very fast and it should display your Device ID.
    • At the same time it should copy the ID to your clipboard so you can paste it in your reply. You can also attach a screenshot of it if that’s easiermceclip1.png
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