The Leaderboard gives an Uh Oh (00) error

Issue Description:

  • When the leaderboard loads players are met with an "Uh Oh (00)" error message.
  • This can happen during the Event (which makes it impossible to view the Leaderboard standings) or after the Event ends (which makes it impossible to access subsequent Leaderboards



  • This bug is currently under investigation


  • If this occurs during an Event:
    • At this time there is no known way to clear the error if this occurs during the Event.
  • If this occurs after the Event:
    • Players are able to claim their Rewards if they click the Continue button before the Error Message appears. This has to be done very quickly.
    • If players are unable to clear the message themselves they will need to contact our Support Team to get this error manually cleared by clicking the in-game Help button found in the Settings screen, or by clicking either the yellow 'Submit a request' button at the top of this webpage, or the yellow 'Submit a ticket' at the bottom of this webpage
      • Please be sure to include your User ID in the Support Ticket
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